Code #1: Assembled by Sarah Scaturro in Collaboration with HACKING Couture

The Code for Sustainable Fashion

The genesis of this code arose out of an exhibition called “Ethics + Aesthetics = Sustainable Fashion” that Sarah Scaturro co-curated with Francesca Granata at Pratt Institute’s Pratt Manhattan Gallery in 2009.

The Code of Sustainable Fashion, according to Scaturro and Granata, is based on actions and practices embraced by designers, artists and brands producing fashion artifacts. The three actionable pillars in which the code is organized are: Wear More, Make and  Buy Less.

Visualization of Sarah Scaturro's Code For Sustainable Fashion

Remember, this code is only a foundation – you do not need to follow it exactly. It is up to you to hack into it, recreating it for your own sustainable goals

Wear More: Revalue it

Find goods that are made using ethical labor sources. The production of these goods should benefit the workers and local economy.

//Alabama Chanin 

Look for evidence of the maker’s hand and realize that this garment has its own unique story.


Clothing that has already served someone else well. Chances are it will work for you, too.

// Susan Cianciolo
Cherish the memory imbued in you and your loved ones’ old clothing. Wear often and with great satisfaction, adding your own imprint and memories.

Make Less: Reduce it

Reduce your carbon footprint through buying locally produced goods.

 Search for clothing that reduces unnecessary design elements and utilizes zero-waste patterning techniques.

Buy garments that can be worn in many different ways, and with many other components.

Consume clothing that is made from thoughtfully-produced materials. This includes recycled polyester and wool, organic fibers, recycled fabric and regenerated fibers from renewable resources that are made in non-polluting processes

Buy Less: Rethink it

Classics.  Invest in quality pieces that reside outside of fashion’s temporal cycle. They can be worn over and over again, never going out of style.

Create your own uniform. This will crystallize your sartorial identity, and makes dressing that much easier.

Search for pieces that provocatively question and subvert the fashion cycle. Why do we need to follow fashion’s irrational way of creating change for change’s sake?

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