Workshops are an easy way to facilitate the sharing of the sustainable fashion code, as well as way to crowdsource new code and hacks. Plus fashion is better when experienced collectively. To host  a workshop is very fun. Follow these simple steps when hosting your Hacking Sustainable Fashion Workshop.

Estimated time: 2.5  hrs
Materials: Paper, Pen/Pencils, Scissors, hot glue, recycled fabric, needle, thread  (any other craft materials)

– Try to make it as fun as engaging (play some music if possible, or bring wine if you would like)
– Encourage the participants to finalize their hacks
– Keep track of time.

During the Workshop: 
Step 1: Share the concept of open source fashion
Step 2: Reveal the code for sustainable fashion you prepared
Step 3: Allow for input to the code
Step 4: Start the a creative time. Allow user to create their own code/manifesto and to create a symbol of their commitment through and oath
Step 5: Document the new codes and hacks, while they are performed by the users
Step 6: Share it (online and/or) at a new workshop