In 2010, during the group show Re:Group: Beyond Models of Consensus,  Hacking Couture was invited to demonstrate it’s methodology which provided the framework to experiment with how the current method and structure could be lend to others in means of collaboration.

Dealing with questions how to intervene the fashion system, as well as collaboration methods, and the culture of citation HACKING Couture lend itself to be a framework to distribute other types of fashion knowledge as part of its exploration.  In parallel, Sarah Scaturro, with her unique practice as a conservator, curator, and educator helping bring theory and practice together, was invited to sharing the knowledge gathered with Granata during their Slow Fashion Exhibit from 2009, in a different method.

The collaboration had the agenda to explore how the framework lend itself to be borrowed by others, the discourse around authorship on the arrangement of the content around sustainable fashion, and most importantly finding tactical avenues for the content to be distributed and used, living beyond the walls original artshow, or the pages of the publication, in order to trigger actions.

After the first HSF workshop at Eyebeam, we continue to share the code in different venues, in the spirit of sharing the code and making more hacks. By facilitating a second workshop at the Textile Arts Center during 2010 Fashion Night Out.