The idea for making a sustainable fashion hack arose out of our separate, yet complementary practices. The Hacking Couture series uses open-source methods to document and alter design codes of established fashion brands, allowing users to remix the code in creating and performing their own unique fashion hack. Subversively democratizing, these hacks are then documented and added to a brand’s code for further distribution and manipulation by the public. Sarah Scaturro’s investigations into sustainable fashion have led her to realize that just consuming “green” products will not create a sustainable fashion system. Rather, it is only through hacking into the fashion system and challenging its essence that real change can take place.

Using Hacking Couture’s methodology and Sarah’s sustainable fashion code as a jumping off point, Hacking Sustainable Fashion facilitates your challenge to the traditional fashion system and enables you to claim sustainable fashion for yourself.

Visualization of Sarah Scaturro's Code For Sustainable Fashion