Oaths & Manifestos

The idea of hacking sustainable, lies in intervening the concept by organizing the different codes and definitions around the topics in means to further personal actions around the topics.

Hacking does not to mean to stop the current process but to enable many to be part of dialogue and the system by giving tools to engage that promote the indexing of the information  and its distribution as well as to promote personal commitment and action. Manifestos and oaths are hacks, since they enable the use of the code, and transform these knowledge into a new form.

The analogy was inspired on  Hacking Couture’s approach of allowing system insertion through the use of the reverse engineering brands and documentation of existing fashion codes, in order to further promote collaboration, and sharing within fashion.

When composing your manifesto and oaths use existing codes as reference, and cite them. Then perform them and share them digitally, or through a workshop, then practice the commitment.

Giana Gonzalez Fashion Manifesto

Sarah Scaturro's Fashion Manifesto