#1 Eyebeam Atelier

New York City July 14th/2010

As part of the Re-Group group show, we hosted the 1st hacking Sustainable fashion on July 14th celebrating on the Bastille day  the liberation of the code of sustainable fashion.

Eyebeam Invitation

What is sustainable fashion? Why are design codes important? How do we decode them?

Curator Sarah Scaturro and interaction designer Giana González will use these questions as a starting point to work with participants to explore how the code for the sustainable fashion movement can be decoded and reassembled.

The HACKING Couture explorations will be a starting point for this work in progress. In the past, HACKING Couture has reversed engineered fashion labels to create open participation and entrance for all into the fashion system. Now, this process of hacking fashion labels has been expanded – how can we decode a period and/or a movement in order to re-appropriate it for your own purpose? This collaborative workshop between Hacking Couture and independent curator and sustainable fashion expert Sarah Scaturro will explore how we can collaboratively document, decode and reassemble the Eco-fashion movement.