Documenting Code

Documenting sustainable fashion codes is key action in hacking the larger concept of sustainable fashion, given that it supports your daily fashion practice, affecting the larger system trough personal revolt.

Scaturro and Francesca Granata in 2009, using the visual framework of decoded fashion brands created by HACKING Couture (2006-present) to summarize, distribute and encourage action.

Hacking Couture Template

When documenting fashion codes question:

  1. What are the logos representing sustainable fashion?
  2. What is the genealogy/historical background of Sustainable fashion?
  3. What are the iconic garments identified with Sustainable Fashion?
  4. What are the materials used?
  5. What are the techniques?
  6. What colors are associated with sustainable fashion?
  7. Are there themes mapped to sustainable fashion?
  8. How is Sustainable fashion distributed or inserted within the fashion system?
  9. What are the breakthrough moments of sustainable fashion?
  10. How is sustainable fashion adapted in culture?

This is an example borrowed from Hacking Couture, into documenting fashion codes. Feel free to use, paraphrase or ignore within your visualization.